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The Roger Holmes Trial will be held on Sunday 22nd January at Harlton near Cambridge. It is a round of the AMSC Trials Challenge and ASEMC Car Trial Championship.
The trial has a format of a set of 5 tests laid out on the hill with a mixture of bends and slopes to test the driver's ability to keep going without wheelspinning or sliding sideways. The tests are repeated 5 times through the day.
There are 4 classes of vehicle that can enter.  Class 1 is especially designed to cater for ordinary road cars, essentially unmodified, which means you can enter using your ‘shopping’ car.  The scoring system means that these entries have as much chance of the overall win as do ‘specials’ in other classes. 
This is a great way to get cheaply, safely and quickly into competing in motorsport. Young drivers from 14 years old can enter as long as they have a suitably qualified adult with them.
The details and event regulations can be downloaded here
The entry list as at 13th January is here
The 2016 Roger Holmes trial was won by Christopher Pettit in a Citroen Saxo. The other prize winners were:
  • 1st Class 1    Chris Judge    Citroen Saxo VTR
  • 2nd Class 1    Dick Lines     Ford Ka
  • 1st Class 2A    Ben Cutting    Nissan Micra
  • 2nd Class 2A    Hannah Ellis    Citroen AX
  • 1st Class 2B    Robin Howard    Citroen Saxo VTS
  • 2nd Class 2B    Andy Mount    Citroen Saxo
  • 1st Class 3    Dave Oliver    Hillman Imp
  • 1st Class 4    Geoff Hodge    RDT Special
  • 2nd Class 4    Barry Redmayne    Liege 1.6S
  • 1st Novice    Jack Dockray    Citroen Saxo
  • 1st Cambridge Car Club    Martyn Sansom    Dellow Mk1
The full results of the 2016 Trial can be downloaded here: Final Results

Christopher Pettitt in a Citroen Saxo (above) was the overall
winner and Martyn Sansom in a Dellow Mk1 (below) was first
CCC on the 2016 Roger Holmes Trial