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CCC is a member of Anglian Motorsport Club. This is a joint initiative between several motorsport clubs in the Eastern region to provide points series based on Car Trials, Autosolos and Targa Rallies being run by those clubs.The calendars for the three challenge series are shown below.
The Roger Holmes Trial and the Autosolo organised by CCC are rounds of the respective AMSC challenges.
The 2015/6 AMSC Trials Challenge consists of the following rounds:
    • 4th October           Lamarsh (Eastern Counties MC)
    • 18th October         Ivinghoe Aston (Falcon MC)
    • 1st November        Kensworth (Falcon MC)
    • 15th November      Lyng Garage (SCCoN)
    • 13th December      Wattisfield (West Suffolk MC)
    • 1st January           Seckford (Eastern Counties MC)
    • 17th January         Harlton (Cambridge CC)
    • 21st February       Holbecks (West Suffolk MC)
    • 20th March            Lamarsh (West Suffolk MC)
    • 17th April              Ivinghoe Aston (Falcon MC)
    Click here for details of the Roger Holmes Memorial Trial, or on the links below for the other trials
    The 2016 AMSC Autosolo Challenge consists of the following rounds:
      • 3rd April              TBC (SCCoN)
      • 15th May             Wethersfield (West Suffolk MC)
        • 17th July              Debden (Eastern Counties MC)
        • 4th September     Scottow Enterprise Park (SCCoN)
        • 25th September   Wethersfield (Cambridge CC)
        • 23rd October        Debden (West Suffolk MC)
        Click here for the CCC Autosolo, or on the links below for the other Autosolos
        The 2016 AMSC Targa Challenge consists of the following rounds:
        • 24th April            Wethersfield (Chelmsford MC)
        • 5th June             TBC (West Suffolk MC)
        • 7th July               TBC (SCCoN)
        • 20th August        Debden (Wickford AC)
        • 9th October        Sculthorpe (Kings Lynn DMC)
        • 13th November  Wethersfield (Chelmsford MC)
        Click on the links below for details of the rallies