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Cambridge Car Club (CCC) collects details from you on a membership form so that we know who are club members and how we can contact you.

This is officially ‘data required for entering into and performance of a contract’ and is known as the legal basis.

The Membership Secretary will be the main user of this information. Other people involved with the club may also use the information, for example to send out information on events that CCC is organising or involved in.

We do not use automated decision-making or ‘profiling’ systems.

We do not usually pass on membership information to any other organisation. We reserve the option to do so to other clubs and associations in the UK if we judge there is a good motorsport-related reason.

We will not pass it onto foreign organisations nor to any mailing-list companies.

The information will be requested each year when your CCC membership is renewed. This enables us to ensure your information is kept up to date. You may request that your information is updated at any time by contacting the Membership Secretary.

If you have provided personal information to CCC then you have certain rights relating to that data. These are spelt out on the website of the Information Commissioner’s Office ( If you have any queries about data protection at CCC then please get in touch with the Chairman and Club Secretary.

Contact details are on the Contact Us page