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An autotest is a manoeuvring test round a tight course, timed to the second. It rewards neat, accurate driving rather than outright power - in fact a small hatchback will often be the fastest car!
The course is laid out using traffic cones as course markers and there are penalties for hitting a cone or going the wrong way. Several tests with different layouts are run and the times added together to find the winner.
CCC autotests are often held on grass to reduce tyre wear and stresses on the car. We have held a series of 'gymkhanas' - essentially low key autotests - on Wednesday evenings during the summer in previous years. These events are suitable for, and are specifically aimed at people using their usual everyday car.
New for 2013 we have an Autosolo. This is a form of Autotest for road going cars that is all-forwards, on tarmac, and the course is a bit more open than a typical autotest.
The video below shows an example of an Autosolo test. On this event competitors had 3 runs at each of 6 tests - each test has a different layout of cones and the route around them